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Getting 'Not Found' while hitting deployed application on Oracle Java Cloud Service

3378457 Member Posts: 5
edited May 3, 2017 1:14AM in Java Cloud Service

I have deployed web application on Oracle Java Cloud Service using trial account.

Since I have opted for load balancer also, I am trying to hit my application forming below url format.


What can be the reasons for getting Not Found ?


  • SanjeevChauhan
    SanjeevChauhan Member Posts: 1,554 Gold Trophy
    edited May 3, 2017 1:14AM

    Many reasons for Not Found

    1. Connectivity is not there: Can you please try pinging your server from command prompt. [ping public_ip_of_load_balancer]. You can also try telnet public_id_of_load_balancer 443

        If you find connectivity issue then make sure your load balancer public ip is exposed. Use JCS set access rules option to enable load balancer ip accessible publicly.

        You might also be behind firewall so get in touch with your firewall team to enable connectivity with JCS.

    2. You are able to connect but there is no welcome page for your application. In your url you just mentionig context-root. You are not mentioning which exact page you want to access within that application. You may not have welcome page defined in web.xml so its throwing 404. You can typing actual page after context root to launch it.



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