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Is it possible to load Maxl level 0 export file from ASO cube to load it to SQL table ?

Hi All,

We have an ASO cube with 6 GB of data (9 custom dimensions other than Account, Scenario, Period, etc..). I am working on to clean up unused metadata from custom dimensions (members with no data from last 6 years).

My idea is to load level 0 export file(s) to SQL table. Level 0 files created using below maxl command. (I am not sure if we can use this file to SQL as source ? this is my question)

export database APPNAME.DBNAME level0 data to data_file APPNAME_LEVEL0.txt';

Next step is to export level 0 members from each dimension from outline using essbase outline extractor and load these to another SQL table and do some VLOOKUP SQL queries on both tables.

You guys have any other suggestions ? SmartView might not work because of timeout issue and huge query combinations is another problem.

Appreciate your response. Thank you all.