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Error 2019: Member Mapping specified is not valid.

931245 Member Posts: 19
edited Jun 27, 2012 8:00AM in ODP.NET
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I wont elaborate too much since the problem seems to be well known:

Error 2019: Member Mapping specified is not valid. The type 'Edm.Int16[Nullable=False,DefaultValue=]'

Could not find schema information for the element 'oracle.dataaccess.client'.

Oracle.DataAccess.Client version

oracle.dataaccess.client section exists in both client and service apps and is ignored in both client and service apps

Please provide an answer my app builds but crashes when accessing data. Please provide a resolution to this thank you.

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  • Alex Keh-Oracle
    Alex Keh-Oracle Posts: 3,010 Employee
    It would be helpful to see the ODP.NET section of your .NET config file.
  • 931245
    931245 Member Posts: 19
    <add name="bool" value="edmmapping number(1,0)" />
    <add name="STP_OWN.LOOKUP_ACCOUNT.RefCursor.results" value="implicitRefCursor bindinfo='mode=Output'" />
    <add name="STP_OWN.LOOKUP_ACCOUNT.RefCursorMetaData.results.Column.0" value="implicitRefCursor metadata='ColumnName=ACCT_NO;DataType=System.Int64;ProviderType=Int64;NativeDataType=Number;NumericPrecision=9;NumericScale=0'" />
    <add name="STP_OWN.LOOKUP_ACCOUNT.RefCursorMetaData.results.Column.1" value="implicitRefCursor metadata='ColumnName=ACCT_NAME;ProviderType=Varchar2;NativeDataType=Varchar2'" />
    <add name="STP_OWN.LOOKUP_CUSIP.RefCursor.results" value="implicitRefCursor bindinfo='mode=Output'" />
    <add name="STP_OWN.LOOKUP_CUSIP.RefCursorMetaData.results.Column.0" value="implicitRefCursor metadata='ColumnName=CUSIP;ProviderType=Varchar2;NativeDataType=Varchar2'" />
    <add name="STP_OWN.LOOKUP_CUSIP.RefCursorMetaData.results.Column.1" value="implicitRefCursor metadata='ColumnName=PIMCO_DESC;ProviderType=Varchar2;NativeDataType=Varchar2'" />
  • 931245
    931245 Member Posts: 19
    Thank you, Oracle, for your very public display of your commitment to excellence.
    Thank you for demonstrating your willingness and ability to respond to the needs of your cash-paying customers.
    You guys are the best!
  • Alex Keh-Oracle
    Alex Keh-Oracle Posts: 3,010 Employee
    No problem! Glad to help.

    Your config file appears to be formatted correctly. I don't see any obvious problems with it.

    The next most common reason for this type of error is the following:
    When custom mapping in a configuration file has changed, re-generate the data model to solve compilation errors incurred by the new changes.

    In some scenarios, custom mapping can cause compilation errors, when a project that uses custom mapping is loaded by Visual Studio. There are a few ways to resolve the compilation errors:

    (a) Open Visual Studio Help/About Microsoft Visual Studio and click OK button to exit the dialog box or
    (b) Open the to-be-used connection in Server Explorer

    Then compile the project again to eliminate the compliation errors.

    Once you have done the above and are still seeing custom type mapping related messages, use MKSNT touch.exe (or the like utility) on app.config to change its timestamp but leave its contents intact.

    touch App.Config
    This will force ODT/ODP to reread the custom type mapping.
  • 934414
    934414 Member Posts: 7

    you can edit the devenv.exe.config of Visual Studio to avoid this reoccurring error, see:
    Then there should be no more need to call Help / About...
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