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    Connection to dimension failed in workbench

      Hi all,

      v11.1.2, win server 2008

      I am trying to configure FDM with essbase for the first time. I have got the read helpfully referenced in a previous post I searched for. I have added in the essbase 32 bit location for both the aborpath and essbase_path and rebooted the server. I have imported the adaptor and registered it. I am logged in as an admin user to the server.

      I also referred to this post: unable to configure the FDM-Essbase

      When I go to configure the adaptor I get connection failed on the target for the measures dim. I cannot understand why.

      My knowledge of fdm is very limited at the moment but here is what I have done.

      1. Added machine name as the server name of where fdm is installed. The target server is where essbase is.
      2. Entered credentials for machine profile and essbase integration. User is an admin.

      I am unsure what the source and target servers should be. I have tried the using the same server where fdm is for both but it makes no difference.

      I would appreciate any assistance you would be kind enough to give.