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    Validate and update a XML document with rules

      In my project work, I am thinking about using oracle rules BRMS (business rule management system) to validate certain rules on xml document.
      Since I am new to the oracle rules, I want to know the feasibility of doing this with oracle rules.
      I have a specific question...
      I have XML documents that are in different schema versions. these schema are fixed but can add them in future as well.

      I have two things to do:
      1. transform a given XML document (in a one version) to another version
      2. Validate the new XML document against the rules defined in the oracle business rules.

      1.I can do the 1st task using XSLT transformation. But there is one challenge. Assume that there are new tags are added in the target schema compared to the source schema of the XML document.
      If there are optional tags to be added, I want to know if oracle rules can be used for that. Because I want to make these things done without changing the code (java) or the application internals.

      2. I have few questions on the 2nd issue. They are:
      a) can I create rules in oracle BRMS based on target schemas. (or to all of them. If so, what needs to be done if I add a new schema in future. How to update the rules?)
      b) is it possible to group the rules created above in oracle BRMS.
      Lets say
      R1, R2 rules are created against schema1 (version 1)
      R3, R4, R5 rules are created against schema2 (version 2)
      R6, R7 rules are created against schema3(version 3)

      Can I create group R1, R2 and R6 rules in to a one group (G1) and R1, R2 and R7 rules in to another group (G2).

      What are the APIs available in oracle BRMS to retrieve above defined groups at run time? (because business user can define any rules, ad group them at run time)
      Once I have the groups, How can I validate a XML document against a group created above? What are the APIs available for this.

      c) is it possible to add/update/delete tags to a XML document based on rules in oracle BRMS? if so, how?

      appreciate your valuable feedback on this..

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