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    SQL Developer : closed connection error

      Hi ,

      I am getting the following error when trying to query after connecting to a database.
      I am using the SQL developer installed in my local machine and connecting to a database in a remote server.
      I am connecting using the BASIC model in sql developer ( Tried both SID and Service_name method).

      even the simple queries like - "select 1 from dual;" are giving the following errors

      Error starting at line 1 in command:
      select 1 from dual
      Error at Command Line:1 Column:0
      Error report:
      SQL Error: Closed Connection

      Also -> Closed connectio vendor code 17008

      I have 2 databases in that remote server . I am able to connect to both databases. But when trying to query 1 database is giving this above given error.
      The other one gives result properly.
      The version of both the databases are and version of my SQL developer is Oracle SQL Developer

      Can anyone advice / help to solve this issue ?