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    ADF golink with destination loses focus on taskflow


      Hello experts,  I have written  WebCenter portal application in which  I am calling    ADF taskflow  for one of the  top menu bar links.

      In the ADF taskflow,  I  have file download  link  using  ADF    GoLink   with  destination  pointing to   UCM  content server with GET_FILe option.


      When I click on this link,   file will be downloaded.   But after this,  focus is completely lost from current TaskFlow !!


      When I click on anything on the ADF page,  I am getting error saying "Because of  inactivity, your session has timed out and no longer active" !!


      WebCenter version is

      Jdeveloper is

      UCM is

      How to avoid my session getting timed out when I click on  GoLink  to download  a file from UCM ?


      Can you please help me out.     I even tried  javascript methods  inside  GoLink  component  for type="focus",  type="blur"   but  no use  because   on blur method is not even called as soon as I click  the file attachment.


      thank you for your great help.