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    SQL Developer - Editor EA1


      SQL Developer - Editor EA2

      In a SQL Worksheet type



      Now put the cursor at the beginning of the first row (pos. 1.1) and Edit -> Replace -> Search for: b -> Replace with: c


      Result: The search text "b" was not found.


      Now repeat the exact same replace. Result:



      Now open a package, insert the same 3 line at the beginning of it, put the cursor at pos. 1.1 and Edit -> Replace


      Result: both the search and the replacement string are automatically set to ab and the 3rd occurrence is selected.


      Back to the worksheet with the 3 ab lines. Now I want to remove all carriage returns: Edit -> Replace -> Search for: ab\n -> Replace with: ab


      Result: The search text "ab\n" was not found.


      Damn, forgot to check the Regular Expressions option. Repeat and check it: same result.


      Oh wait, maybe I should check also Substitute Escaped Characters? Repeat and check it: same result.


      So how do I get rid of carriage returns in a SQL Worksheet?


      Time to see if I can do that at least in my package, so I try there. Now, which of those not-really-self-explaining icons should I check? Well, just mouse over it and a "handy" tooltip will tell you: must be the Regular Expression button. No.


      After a bit of tinkering, I'm beginning to suspect that my back and forth from Worksheet to package has maybe "broken" something, so I close SQLDeveloper and restart it. Connect to my schema, open a package spec and in the search box type the letter a: 0 occurrences?!? I delete that letter and type the word create: 0 occurrences and then the first 3 characters of line create or replace package are selected?!?


      Although I know it's of no use, I beg you to bring back the 4.0 Replace dialog when editing packages (those buttons are more annoying than useful) and fix, once and for all, the problems with carriage returns and other non printable characters (tab comes to mind): just do what any modern text editor does, without all those checkboxes or at least using some sensible defaults.


      I'm using OS X 10.9.5 and Java 1.8.0_25.




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