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    Data export from table with BINARY_DOUBLE data type generates wrong insert statement


      Hi there,


      I have an issues with row export on tables which contain field type BINARY_DOUBLE. Lets say there is a BINARY_DOUBLE type with value 15.234 in a row.. I use the right click menu in 'data' tab to export the insert statements into my clipboard, so I get something like this:


      -> Insert into…. values… (… ,’15.234‘,…);


      When I use this Insert statement in SQL Developer it works - but only there.. running it in an automated deploy process I get ORA-01722 (invalid number). So I manually changed the insert statement to:


      -> Insert into…. values… (… ,15.234,…); -- removed the quotes around the number


      This insert statement works in SQL Developer and also works in automated deploy process - so I guess those quotes can be considered as an error in exported insert statements. I have testet it on the latest version (Build MAIN-21.78) and it can be reproduced in that version (+older ones).


      I would be very grateful if someone could fix those quotes around BINARY_DOUBLE insert statement exports because we have so many of them :/ Thanks!


      Kind Regards