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    ORDS 19 or 20 with Weblogic 10.3.6. Or alternatively Ords 3.0 with WL


      (Follow-on from answered question  Multiple weblogic/ORDS installs pointing to the same Apex/DB - possible?  )


      Hi all,


      I currently have an old live implementation and also a new target (upgrade) implementation.




      Windows 2012
        WebLogic 10.3.6,
        ORDS 3.0 deployed next to OAM



      Windows 2016

        Need to get ORDS 19.x or 20.x deployed. No ORDS installed currently.




      RAC RDBMS 19.7
        Apex 5,0, planned to upgrade to one of the latest versions

      NB- Both OLD and NEW Weblogic implementations point to this same database, which is where the issue arises



      Both OLD and NEW applications servers need to co-oexist for some time for testing, then OLD will be switched off.

      As stated in the thread referenced above, ORDS needs to be on the same version in both OLD and NEW.

      ORDS 17+ is not supported on Weblogic 10.3.6, per the install guide. So cannot be installed on OLD.

      ORDS 3.0 does not talk about support against Weblogic 12.2, as likely Weblogic 12+ did not exist at the time.


      How do I bring client to latest ORDS on NEW, without breaking anything in ORDS OLD at the time? Options I see,

      1) Install ORDS 3.0 on NEW so it will be in sync with OLD. Live with this until go-live and then once OLD is switched OFF, bump ORDS to the latest version. Is this viable?
      2) Install ORDS 20 on OLD. I believe this likely will NOT work. Certainly ORDS 20 wants JDK8 while OLD has JDK6 due to Weblogic 10.3.6. And there may be other reasons as well.
      3) Any other direct or stepped approach this I am missing?


      Many thanks - Roelof