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    Exporting Data to Excel for All Locations

    Erich Ranz
      Is there a way to export data for all (or selected) locations at once in FDM? For example, I'd like to export the Import data for 15 locations to Excel file(s). Another example, I'd like to export account mappings for 15 locations to Excel file(s). Until now, our group has been doing this manually every so often.

      It would be ultra-super-fantastic if this could be automated.


      EDIT: It looks like this can be done via a script in the FDM Workbench. I found ExportEntityMap as an example. Any tips/suggestions/best practices?

      EDIT2: Sample scripts appear to be location specific (API.POVMgr.PPOVLocation). Any way to specify locations and/or loop through them with an array etc?

      EDIT3: Script export does not provide sexy Excel format, nor mappings other than Explicit (from what I can gather). The output is for Tron only. We can all agree Tron is cool, but Excel rules in our acct/fin departments.

      Thanks again!