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Arnbjorn Marklund
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Dear Topliners Community,

Our CRM Designers are experiencing problems with the call to action button in Eloqua forms. It appears impossible to have more space between the actual form and the button. This is a bit silly. My bet is that there is an easy workaround. Would therefore love imput from skilled Eloqua hackers

This is how it looks now:


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  • alanclark
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    Hi Arnbjorn

    You can access the form HTML in the top right drop down:


    From here you can dig down and add in padding that way.

    It's not an elegant solution, but it is a solution.


  • Arnbjorn Marklund
    Arnbjorn Marklund Oslo, NorwayPosts: 2 Red Ribbon
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    Thanks. This worked. The problem is however that it is not possible to insert the form in the landing page builder, but copy paste the code (with the edit) from the view you are suggesting. A bit dumb, but a well working workaround. Thanks!

  • bkhayes
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    Hi Arnbjorn,

    I would use CSS to fix this issue instead of using inline styles in the HTML. That way if you update the form you don't have to restyle it over and over again.

    You can target the form input by using the following CSS:

    input[type='submit'] {

         padding: 5px;


    Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 8.10.55 AM.png

    I'm also going to recommend that you drag and drop forms onto your landing pages instead of manually coding them in. I believe the 'hard-coding' method should only be used for external 3rd party sites that are not running Eloqua. This allows you to make edits to your form using the form editor that will automatically update to the landing page where the form is located.

  • Jem Janik
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    You can add a label into your form with no text too.  It creates a small whitespace buffer that is built into the form.