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Hi All, I Have some Domains need to be suppressed from our mailing list. Kindly some one help me with this. Where to Upload? How to Upload? What would be the file format? What would be the Column Names? Regards, Munikrishna



  • Samantha Miyamoto
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    Hi Munikrisha,

    If this helps, the steps I use are below:

    1) I would create a picklist of email domains that you need to suppress. You can do this by going to the Settings wheel and then down to "Manage Picklists". The email domains can be uploaded as an Excel sheet. Make sure that your picklist has two columns, one titled "Option Name" and the other "Option Value". The data will be identical under those column headers. The built-in settings should walk you through these steps as well.

    2) In your outreach segment, pull in the filter criteria "Compare Contact Fields". Select "Email Address Domain" and choose "In Picklist". Choose the picklist you created in Step 1.

    3) Switch the filter criteria to exclude the contacts in the segment by right clicking and selecting "Switch to Exclude" (see screenshot).

    4) You should now have suppressed email address domains.

    Hope this helps,


  • markhalliday
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    If you want to remove certain domains from all campaigns, you can use a master exclude list. You can find the instructions here:

    If a domain is on the master exclude, they will not receive any emails - autoresponders or regular sends.