Eloqua REST API - External Activities Depth=Complete Parameter Doesn't Pull All Attributes

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Hi Oracle Community,

I am attempting to pull External Activities by their ID from the Eloqua 2.0 REST API endpoint. The following link will bring you to the documentation I am following: https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/marketingcs_gs/OMCAC/op-api-rest-2.0-data-activity-id-get.html

I see the schema containing the following attributes:

Body (ExternalActivities)

Type: objectTitle: ExternalActivities

However when I make the following GET request: https://secure.p01.eloqua.com/api/REST/2.0/data/activity/34?depth=complete

I am returned a status 200 with the following attributes:


    "type": "ExternalActivities",

    "id": "34",

    "depth": "complete",

    "name": "EA_Name",

    "activityDate": "1395115200",

    "activityType": "Downloaded PDF",

    "assetName": "Asset_Name",

    "assetType": "Asset Syndication Program",

    "campaignId": 351,

    "contactId": 164129


I need to pull the following attributes which are not being returned: accessedAt, createdAt, createdBy, currentStatus, description, updatedAt, updatedBy.

Should these attributes not be returned with the depth=complete parameter or am I missing something?


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  • Lou Patrick
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    If attributes listed are not returned at complete depth they either do not have value or are not used by the endpoint.

    We are working to remove the attributes that are not used by the endpoint from the documentation in the future.