Continued Intermittent Failure of Apps in Program Canvas

Just want to post the issue/question to make sure I am not the only one experiencing this...

We have continued/ongoing issues with any app on Program Canvas.

  • Contacts blowing through Contact Washing Machine without transformation (had to buy Ringlead to fix this)
  • SFDC App not syncing fields correctly (Lead Status = New even though fields and mapping have other values)
  • Errors and contacts getting stuck in app steps - having to create loops to re-run records back through the steps to clear them
  • Intermittent slowness monthly - where leads get stuck in sync steps for hours

Tickets have been opened and remain open "Development Working". Support conversations have been had. At the end of the day, I am just about done. Been an Eloqua user since 2008 and a big advocate, but I think that needs to change soon.

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