Eloqua Release 20C Customer Release Briefing and New Feature Summary Available

Lou Patrick
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Visit the Oracle Eloqua 20C (August 2020): Customer Release Briefing for an on-demand briefing and a complete list of all of the features included in the 20C Release.

Here is an extract of all the Developer Updates:

GENERAL ENHANCEMENTYou can now write to the Last Modified by CRM system field for Contacts and Accounts. This enhancement enables developers of CRM integrations to indicate when a Contact and Account has been updated by CRM.APP DEVELOPER FRAMEWORKWe've updated our retry strategy when Eloqua calls an App's Notification URL. Eloqua will now retry the Notification URL call over approximately an eight-hour period of time with a backoff strategy. See the product notice to learn more.APPLICATION APIWe've added new Application 2.0 API endpoints that enable you to manage Users. Along with managing Users, these new endpoints enable you to perform actions that are not available in 1.0 such as Enable or Disable a User and Update a User's Password.We've added new API endpoints that enable you to manage Eloqua Security Groups.The Contact Field endpoints no longer return the isPopulatedInOutlookPlugin property. See the product notice to learn more.BULK APIWe've added new validation to ensure app service instances exist, and in cases where service instances do not exist, a validation error will be returned. This validation applies when creating or updating import and export definitions, creating syncs, and executing syncs.