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(Updated December 18, 2020)

Apps developed on the Eloqua Application Developement Framework by Oracle CX Marketing partners must submit a Eloqua Apps Compatibility Review before publishing an App on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

The app compatibility review process ensures that partners are providing mutual customers with the best integrated experience possible.

Before submitting your app for Compatibility Review:

  1. You must be a member of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) if you want your app published on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.
  2. You have previously submitted a solution proposal for your app and it has been reviewed by the Eloqua Apps team.
  3. After your app has been developed, make sure you have thoroughly completed functional testing of your app.
  4. Be prepared to either demo your app or provide a recording of the use cases your app is trying to solve.

To submit an app for Compatibility Review:

  1. Complete the Eloqua Apps Compatibility Review Document (see attached). Please make sure you have taken care of all aspects covered in the document.
  2. Send the Compatibility Review Document to your partner team so the Eloqua Apps team can review your app.
  1. The Eloqua Apps team may request that you grant an Eloqua instance access to your app so that the team may review your app and validate the uses cases.
  2. If issues arise during the review, the Eloqua Apps team will reach out to the partner.

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