The Process - Getting Started with CX Apps

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The Oracle CX Apps platform can be used by anyone interested in building apps for CX Marketing products. App developers can be:

  • Partners
  • CX Marketing customers
  • Oracle internal teams

Get Evaluated and Join OPN

  • Submit your company details and use cases.
  • If approved, the CX Apps team with communicate to you over email to go ahead with next set of steps in the process
  • Join Oracle Partner Network (if you are not already a member).
  • Make sure to accept the CIA as this is a prerequisite for getting sandbox account access
  • Request access to AMS.

Understand the CX Apps Platform and AMS

  • You will get access to all our developer resources needed to understand the CX Apps platform, AMS, and how to build apps on the platform.
  • Review the resources and understand the framework before you start building your app.
  • IMPORTANT – It is recommended that the app development team spend substantial time in understanding the JWT authentications, App life-cycle end-points, Service life-cycle end-points, payloads etc. before you start the development.

Build and Test App

Review App

Publish App on Marketplace

  • If your app is approved by the CX Apps team to be made available generally to all CX marketing customers, you may proceed with getting the app published on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace where it will be available for CX Marketing customers to install and use.
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