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Requirements for Oracle Responsys Essentials (Master) Accreditation 2020

Toni Tzenova-Oracle
Toni Tzenova-Oracle Posts: 91 Employee
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The Oracle Responsys Essentials (Master) accreditation recognizes modern marketing professionals who demonstrate proficiency in the Oracle Responsys product education and best practices training.

A Responsys Master is capable of defining effective modern marketing strategies and implementing them through the Oracle Responsys product solution.

Responsys Essentials (Master) Requirements

The Responsys Essentials (Master) accreditation is achieved after an Oracle University student meets the requirements below. Depending on the type of education pass, courses may be taken in the live virtual (LVC) format or viewed OnDemand, or in a combination of these formats.

  • Complete required courses (available via the Oracle Responsys Essentials learning path):
    • Navigation
    • Data Sources
    • Audience Designer
    • Segment Groups
    • Managing Content
    • Introduction to RPL for Marketers
    • Basic Email Campaigns
    • Dynamic Campaigns
    • Program
    • Reporting with Interactive Dashboards

  • Pass the Oracle Responsys 2020 Master exam. The exam will be made available to those who complete the required training, above.

The Responsys Essentials (Master) title should be renewed annually, by December 31 of a given year, to demonstrate mastery of the Oracle Responsys curriculum and display a continued commitment to modern marketing excellence. Anyone who earns the Responsys Master title receives a Responsys Master certificate with the completion date and recognition on Topliners.

For more information on Oracle Responsys training, view our course schedule here and contact us at https://education.oracle.com/OUcontactUs.

Best of luck in your pursuit of this important achievement!

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