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The Idea Labs are category-based feedback channels which allow Oracle Cloud customers to submit new ideas, comment on existing ideas, vote for their favorites, and see which requests have been implemented by Oracle. Idea Labs provide the simplest and most direct way for customers to share their ideas and enhancement requests with Oracle Development, while collaborating with other Cloud customers and Oracle partners.

The Idea Labs represent Oracle's ongoing commitment to continuously improve your customer experience. Your feedback and participation guide us in finding, prioritizing and implementing the ideas that provide you with the greatest benefits. We're here, listening to your ideas for making our cloud-based service better!

1. Submit Your Idea

Once your idea is posted, it is discoverable by the community

2. Community Evaluation

Members evaluate and provide feedback by reviewing, voting and commenting

3. Under Oracle Review

Your idea is being reviewed by Oracle Development for a possible future release

4. More Information?

Oracle requires more information to fully evaluate your idea

5. Planned or Option for Future Release

Your idea may be included in a future release

6. Declined or Archived

Your idea is not a candidate at this time

How are ideas selected, prioritized, and implemented?

Oracle prioritizes top-ranking ideas as indicated by your votes and comments. We take into account the overall popularity/rank of an idea, but this does not guarantee an idea will be added to our product roadmap. Oracle can and does deliver ideas with varying levels of votes. Ideas are reviewed by Oracle Development for member interest, complexity, resources, market trends, alignment with our product vision, and prioritization against other projects.

What is the evolution of an idea?

Follow along from first post to final implementation:

Your idea is submitted

Got a great idea? Share it on Cloud Customer Connect! Once you’ve followed the Idea Labs guidelines and your idea is posted, it is an “active” idea and is discoverable by the community. Members will evaluate the idea to determine if it has value for other teams and organizations, and provide their feedback by reviewing, voting, and commenting.

Helpful tip: You can reach out to other community members from similar industries who use the same type of business processes and use cases and ask them to vote on your idea.

The community evaluates

Once your idea has been submitted, it enters the member voting process.

Oracle will track the number of unique votes by organization. If your idea does not receive many unique votes by organization, it may not be right for addition to the product roadmap at this time. However, if the idea receives a strong endorsement based on a robust response of unique votes by organization…

Your idea is placed ‘Under Oracle Review’

With “Under Oracle Review” status, your idea has moved into the review process. The Oracle Development team is currently evaluating your idea for a future release. Keep in mind that although your idea has great potential, there are various factors that contribute to its possible inclusion in our product roadmap. These include member interest, complexity, resources, market trends, and plans for upcoming releases.

Does Oracle need more information?

Sometimes the Oracle Development Team needs more information to evaluate your idea effectively. You may be asked for more details including expanded use case scenarios, business goals the idea will help organizations accomplish, how your organization will benefit if the idea is implemented, and any other additional information.

Providing more information allows Oracle to review your idea in terms of member interest, complexity, resources, market trends, alignment with our product vision, and prioritization against other projects.

Your idea is designated as either ‘Planned’ or ‘Option for Future Release’. Congratulations!

The Oracle Development team has reviewed your idea and it may become a candidate for inclusion in our release planning cycle.

Your enhancement is one that may offer other organizations who share the same business processes a way to accomplish goals and perform tasks more effectively. As a result, we are considering the implementation of your idea.

Please keep in mind that at this stage there are still reasons your idea may not be implemented in a future release.

Your idea is declined or archived

Not all ideas will get implemented. Some reasons ideas may not be approved include the duplication of an existing idea, the idea is only applicable to a small subset of users, the idea did not receive a strong enough member endorsement, or the idea is not in line with our existing near term investment priorities.

Quick Tip:

To give idea originators and idea subscribers a quicker, easier way to keep up with changes to an idea's status, we send out notifications every time an idea's status changes.

Be sure your notification preferences are set accordingly.

It’s easy to manage and track your ideas, ideas you have voted on, ideas from your organization, and ideas voted by your peers on the My Ideas page.

Idea statuses summary



Under Oracle Review

The idea is under consideration by Oracle

More information requested

This idea requires more information

Option for future release

This idea has been reviewed and may be considered for future release


The idea is approved to be included in a future release


The idea has been added to the product

Current Capability

The idea is already in the product


This idea has already been submitted


The idea will not be considered at this time


The idea has been moved into an archive forum for historical reference

FAQs and helpful hints

Is the idea already in use? Before posting, review customer resources (e.g. documentation, My Oracle Support Knowledge Base, discussion forums) to ensure the functionality doesn’t already exist.

Search for similar ideas first. Keep our community clean and productive by searching for similar ideas before posting your own. If the idea already exists, add your vote, comments, and feedback rather than diluting an idea’s potential impact through multiple submissions.

Point out duplicate ideas. If you find duplicate idea(s), please let us know. Either send a message to or add a comment to the duplicate idea, and include the URL for the original idea.

Be descriptive. Explain in detail the enhancement you would like implemented. Describe your business expectations and use cases, and if possible, describe how changes to the product will achieve desired results. Include key milestone dates and justifications as to why this request is important and the benefits your organization will gain.

Add use-cases and personas to make ideas stand out. Share what you were trying to accomplish, who in your organization will use the functionality, and who will benefit from it. These details help clarify your needs and might even help us solve your problem more quickly using a different approach.

Do not include any confidential or proprietary information within your idea. The information that you disclose to Oracle shall be treated as non-confidential and the property of Oracle. Please be advised that Oracle Customers, employees, and partners will have access to this information. Oracle has the right to use such information at its discretion and without obligation.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • One idea, one post
  • Use a descriptive title
  • Be clear and concise
  • Use visuals, add images

Subscribe to your ideas to get updates. Make sure to subscribe to ideas to receive email notifications of status changes and comments from other users and Oracle Development. You can also use the My Ideas page to manage, share, and keep track of your submitted ideas, your favorite ideas, and ideas submitted by members in your network.

Provide full contact information when submitting ideas. Although we prefer companies log their own ideas, there may be times when a consultant or implementer logs an idea on a company’s behalf. In this case, we request the company name and a company contact be clearly indicated on the idea itself. This is necessary for customer follow-up after the consultant has moved on to another project.

Why is there no status update to my idea?

We strive to review and respond to all ideas and prioritize responding to top-ranking ideas as indicated by your votes and comments. Ideas are reviewed quarterly by Product Managers for member interest, complexity, resources, market trends, and plans for upcoming releases. During their review of the top ideas, Product Managers will leave a comment letting you know why or why not an idea is being considered for an upcoming release.

Let’s celebrate your ideas

Share your ideas, participate in the development process, gain recognition within the Customer Connect community, and earn a shiny new badge!

Idea Lab Guidelines

Share your ideas, vote and discuss.

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