Oracle Infinity Product Release Notes for February 2, 2018

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The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity Analytics:

  • Splitting parameters.  Users may now split parameters having multiple values. For example, if your social sentiment parameter passes values as "positive,neutral" and "neutral,negative", you can specify that these parameter values be split using a comma delimiter.  To do so, access Account Settings, select Parameters, search for your parameter, and access Parameter Advanced Options.  Select the option to "split on character". This setting is then immediately applied to the data in your reports.
  • Correlate split parameters.  Users may now correlate together parameters that have been split. For example, the commerce parameters, such as Product SKU, Units, and Transaction Subtotal, are often passed through data collection with multiple values that should be correlated to each other. In the Parameter Advanced Options, after a parameter's values are split, the parameter can be correlated to other parameters that are also split.

    Original eventSKU=A;B  &  Units=2;5  &  Subtotal=3.50;1.00
    Splitting and correlating parameter values

    SKU=A  &  Units=2  &  Subtotal=3.50

    SKU=B  &  Units=5  &  Subtotal=1.00

  • Edit standard parameters.  It is now possible to edit the Standard Parameters. This allows users to configure the Parameter Advanced Options for Page URL, Campaign ID, and Referrer, as examples
  • Oracle Infinity Help Documentation.  Click the Help link to access Oracle Infinity's Help Center.

The following Oracle Infinity Analytics defects have been resolved:

  • Users with view-only rights in Account Settings should not see the Invite Users button. (INF-23213)
  • Users should not be able to submit a new, drill down query before the chart has finished loading data. (INF-23055)
  • When rearranging dimensions in a report, if the dimension is dragged and dropped too high above the report table, the report does not refresh. (INF-13458)
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