Oracle Infinity Product Release Notes for June 7, 2018

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The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity Analytics:

Data Export Rights.  A new user right called, "View Data Exports", has been introduced and provides administrators more granular control over which users are allowed to export report data.  Previously, all users with the "View Only" right (users who are able to view reports) also had the right to export report data.  The "View Only" right will now allow users to view reports in the UI only, and users must have the "View Data Exports" right in order to export report data. 

Note, all users who have had the "View Only" right were also granted the new "View Data Exports" right automatically.  Administrators may choose to remove this right from users, if desired.  

Funnel Analysis.  Create funnel reports to gain insights about how your visitors are navigating paths defined on your site.  Analyze where visitors are entering and exiting these funnels and determine scenarios that may lead to better conversion rates.

This initial release of funnels is based on the following set of Scenario Analysis parameters:

  • Scenario Name, data.WT.si_n
  • Scenario Step Name, data.WT.si_p
  • Scenario Step Number, data.WT.si_x

When viewing a report, click the New button and choose whether to create a report or a funnel.  The funnel builder will prompt you to name this funnel, enter the value of the Scenario Name parameter (data.WT.si_p), and select the total number of steps in this funnel.  The number of steps is required to effectively calculate conversion rate.  Once saved, view metrics about each step in the funnel, including the conversion rate, and the visualization allows you to view the top entry and exit pages for each step. 

Segments may be applied to the funnel to further refine the behaviors of interest.   

The following Oracle Infinity Analytics defects have been resolved:

  • When selecting a report from the Collections dashboard, the list of reports opens off the screen for some screen resolutions.  (INF-23014)
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