Oracle Infinity Product Release Notes for July 20, 2018

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity data collection:

  • The Cookie Cutter Plugin, when enabled for the Oracle Infinity Tag, will extract the contents of specified cookies and place them into individual parameters on all events collected by the tag.  This plugin is helpful for building integrations with existing infrastructure, or to collect data from client cookies.

  • The Persist Parameters Plugin is updated to persist parameters that are not prefixed by "WT." or "ORA.".  This update adds more flexibility into the plugin, and simplifies the persistence of client data by no longer requiring mapping to a parameter prefixed with "WT" or "ORA" first.  This should improve implementation time by reducing complexity and the need for custom code.

  • Device ID Hashing has been added to the Oracle Infinity Tag to support the generation of deviceID hashes.  If enabled, the Oracle Infinity Tag will use a configurable plugin to generate unique device hashes based on various browser features; and it can be used to help track visitors across domains or across sessions.

The following Oracle Infinity Analytics defect has been resolved:

  • The editing of standard parameters was temporarily disabled.  It is now possible to edit standard parameters.  (INF-26779)
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