Oracle Infinity Product Release Notes for August 2, 2018

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity:

  • Device and Geo Data.  The lookup of device data has been updated to include the latest devices.  Additionally, the lookup of geographical data has been updated to incorporate changes to metropolitan and regional areas. 

  • Client-Hosted Plugins.  The Oracle Infinity Tag can now reference plugin files that are hosted by you or your own content servers.  This means you can write and host your own plugins, and the Oracle Infinity Tag can load and use them to collect data.  Previously, only plugins hosted by Oracle Infinity could be used. 

  • Plugin for Oracle Data Cloud (formerly BlueKai).  You may now use an Oracle Infinity hosted plugin to collect data that is also collected by Oracle Data Cloud (BlueKai).  This collected data is replicated to Oracle Infinity and can be used for further reporting and analysis.  This plugin captures all DMP parameters sent to Oracle Data Cloud and prepends them with "ORA.odc" before sending to Oracle Infinity.

If you are interested in the above mentioned plugin options for the Oracle Infinity Tag, please contact your Oracle account representative to learn more.

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