Oracle Infinity Product Release Notes for August 16, 2018

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The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity:

  • Oracle Infinity Tag Ready Callback.  The Tag Ready functionality of the Oracle Infinity Tag has been updated to include a method indicating when a desired product module is ready, and can bind to a user provided callback (guaranteed execution).  For example, calling "ORA.productReady('analytics',function(){/*my callback method*/} );" will execute the provided callback when the Infinity Tag library has finished loading all of its assets.  This ready event is useful when trying to add mutations to a page or build integrations off of the Infinity Tag and you need to know when the tag is available.  This functionality simplifies the task of knowing when the tag is ready and eliminates the need for custom polling or dom listeners. 

  • Brightcove Plugin Library.  The Brightcove video tracking plugin has been updated to support newly released Brightcove libraries.  (Note, Brightcove has limited their support to Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and later, however, the Oracle Infinity Tag plugin still supports legacy versions of Brightcove libraries.)  If you wish to update your Oracle Infinity Tag with the latest Brightcove libraries, please contact your Oracle account representative.

  • Social Link Click Tracking.  The Oracle Infinity Tag's event tracking plugin has been updated to include outbound social link click tracking.  Eighteen social sites have been added to an offsite link click inspector that looks for one of these social sites and passes an event to Infinity detailing the link that was clicked in the WT.soc_action parameter.  The site list is configurable at the tag context level.  This feature utilizes the offsite link tracking functionality of the Oracle Infinity Tag and stores link click activity even in scenarios where a browser transitions to new pages before the tracking event is sent.  This functionality allows the Oracle Infinity Tag to store that click data and send it on the next page load rather than missing the link click entirely.  If you wish to update your Oracle Infinity Tag with this new functionality, please contact your Oracle account representative. 

The following Oracle Infinity defects have been resolved:

  • Users with only the "Manage My Objects" right cannot access the library.  (INF-27041)
  • When viewing a report, the chart does not load data when using "This Week" or "This Month" date ranges on the first day of a month.  (INF-26729)
  • Report exports fail when your time zone is set to one that is "tomorrow" relative to GMT.  (INF-23874)
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