Oracle Infinity Product Release Notes for September 13, 2018

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity Data Collection:

  • Do Not Track (DNT) Enhancement.  The Oracle Infinity Tag now supports several options that modify tag behavior for browser-based DNT settings.  The default option honors client browser DNT settings.  With this setting, if the client browser has DNT enabled, the tag will not collect any data for a visitor.  Another tag option ignores browser DNT settings.  When used, and a client browser has DNT enabled, the tag will collect data normally.   A final option is to track anonymously; and with this option, if the client browser has DNT enabled, the tag will set a new session cookie with a new visitor ID each time the visitor returns to the site.  Also in this case, the visitor IP address is anonymized by changing the last three digits of the IP address to zero.

The following enhancement has been made to Oracle Infinity Analytics:

  • Account GUID.  Open the user menu in the upper, left portion of the application screen to view the GUID for your account.  The account GUID is needed when connecting to the Infinity API for purposes of exporting data.  If the API's REST URL is generated in the reporting application, this account GUID is automatically included in the URL.  However, for those who wish to manually generate the REST URL outside the application, this account GUID is needed.  This minor enhancement makes it easier to locate the GUID for your account when needed.

  • Standard Parameter Settings. The setting to decode parameter values having URL encoding has been removed from standard parameters as a default option.  Additionally, the default setting to trim leading and trailing white space from parameter values has been removed.  These settings were applied by default to all of the standard parameters provisioned at the time of account creation whether needed or not, and subsequently affected query performance unnecessarily.  You may re-apply these settings to the parameters that need decoding and trimming.  Click here to learn more about configuring parameter advanced options.

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