Oracle Infinity Product Release Notes for November 8, 2018

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The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity Data Collection:

  • "Context" to "Configuration".  The Oracle Infinity Tag uses a parameter for dynamically changing tag configurations.  This parameter was formerly referred to as a "context" and has since been renamed to a "configuration".  Thus, the "ora.context" parameter is now "ora.config".  All earlier methods for changing saved configurations are still the same, however. 

    <script type="text/javascript" async src="//c.oracleinfinity.io/acs/account/[account_GUID]/[tag_ID]/odc.js?_ora.config=analytics:default"> </script>


    Note: The previous parameter syntax of "ora.context" will continue work.

  • Secure Cookies.  When you opt to persist first party cookies and when this new secure cookie setting is enabled, the cookies that are set by the Oracle Infinity Tag can only be read by a user through an HTTPS connection.  This secured option is enabled by default for new versions of the tag.  It can also be disabled if you need to host content on non-HTTPS sites.  To update your existing Oracle Infinity Tag settings, please contact your Oracle account representative.

The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity Streams and Action Center:

  • Advanced Queries in Streams and Action Center.  When configuring an action in the Action Center user interface, the field for defining advanced queries has been removed.  Instead, advanced queries can now be configured in the Streams user interface.  The field for defining a query has been changed from "Where" to "Select" and the query expression supports a "Where" and a "Having" clause, if needed.  The "Select" operation of the statement is also supported.  This change simplifies the configuration of actions in Action Center and supports greater query grammar options in the Streams API.

    SELECT LATEST(data.wt.cg_n), concat(data.wt.pn_sku, ';') as 'SKU', data.wt.ti WHERE session.user_type='new' AND data.wt.tx_e!='p' AND session.closed='true' HAVING data.wt.tx_e='v'

    Actions that have been configured with advanced queries should be stopped, restarted after five seconds, and then checked for normal operation.  Actions that do have advanced query configurations should be stopped, updated as noted above, restarted, and then checked for normal operation. 

The following Oracle Infinity defects have been resolved:

  • The Oracle Infinity Tag's migration plugin was incorrectly encoding multi-byte UTF8 characters.  If you are using this plugin with the Oracle Infinity Tag, please contact your Oracle account representative to request the latest version.   (INF-28732)
  • The Cross-Domain Tracking plugin can be configured to ignore the list of onsite domains when appending session information to offsite links.  (INF-29118)
  • The Event Tracking plugin identifies relative links and no longer sends offsite click events.  (INF-28941)
  • When the analytics chart is loading data, the color of the trend lines fluctuate colors.  (INF-27746)
  • Once a user has set up his or her profile in Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS), the Infinity application can be selected from within IDCS.  (INF-28158)
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