Oracle Infinity Product Release Notes for December 6, 2018

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity Data Collection:

  • The Cross Domain Tracking Plugin persists visitor and session data across domains by appending a hash to outbound link clicks.  In some cases, the cross domain tracking plugin added session data to onsite links that used a relative path format, such as "/home/folder/page.html" instead of "http://www.domain.com/home/folder/page.html".  While this does not pose an issue for a website, it's not desired behavior, and the plugin has been updated.  To update your existing Oracle Infinity Tag settings with the latest version of this plugin, please contact your Oracle account representative.

  • Various performance enhancements have been made to the Oracle Infinity Tag to improve load time and to optimize tag execution.  To benefit from these latest enhancements, please contact your Oracle account representative.

The following Oracle Infinity defect has been resolved:

  • Users who are members of the Super Administrator group should not be restricted by data permissions configurations.  These users should have permissions to all data available in their account.  (INF-27818)
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