Oracle Infinity Product Release Notes for December 21, 2018

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancement has been made to Oracle Infinity Action Center:

  • The sub-connection of the Action Center Responsys connector has been upgraded.  Once the initial connection is established with Responsys using a user name and private key, you create a sub-connection to a specific Custom Event, Supplemental Table, or Campaign Message.  You can now bind to these sub-connections from within the Action Center job.

    Two changes have been made.  For clarity, the "Key Column Name" field has been relabeled to "Event Key Value".  This is the parameter name or alias in the Action Center job that will be used as the key value.  Historically, the above key would always be mapped to "CUSTOMER_ID_" in the Responsys contact table.  Now, you have the ability to map this key value to either the RIID, Customer ID, Email Address, or Mobile Number. 

    Note.  To send a successful message, the chosen key value must match a value in the Responsys contact table; otherwise, the Action Center job will not increment. 

    No action is required for existing Action Center connections as a result of this change.  Existing connections are defaulted to "CUSTOMER_ID_", which was the state prior to the change.

    Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 10.26.43 AM.png
    New Responsys sub-connection options.

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