Oracle Infinity Product Release Notes for April 25, 2019

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancements have been made for Oracle Infinity Data Collection:

  • In the Oracle Infinity data collection API (DCAPI), changing the order of the "static" and "events" data blocks in the JSON payload caused the collected events in that payload to be missing data from the "static" block.  This behavior only occurred for events manually posted to the data collection API.  Oracle tools using the data collection API were not affected.  The data blocks are now order-independent.  No action is required by end users.  (INF-31600)

  • For the Oracle Infinity Mobile SDK's, the device lookup functionality is updated.  This new functionality results in better and current device information.  To take advantage of this update, download the latest mobile SDK packages, and embed them in your mobile applications.  (https://github.com/pushio)

  • The Cross Domain Tracking Plugin for the Oracle Infinity Tag was updated to automatically use a query parameter if it detects that a clicked offsite link already has a hash value attached.  Previously in the plugin's configuration settings, you had to manually select whether to use a URL hash or a URL query parameter to pass visitor identifiers across domain jumps.  To take advantage of this update, contact your Oracle Infinity representative and ask to have your tag updated to the latest asset files.
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