Oracle Infinity Product Release Notes for June 20, 2019

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The following enhancement has been made for Oracle Infinity Analytics:

  • Visualize real-time streaming data in the new Geography dashboard widget in Infinity Analytics.  This new widget visualizes real-time page views and transaction events happening now by your visitors around the globe.  All existing default dashboards in a collection have been updated to include the new widget (the widget has not been automatically added to any custom dashboards you have created).  Also note, that when you change the dashboard's date range such that "Today" is not included, real-time streaming data is still visible in the Geography widget.   

The following enhancement has been made for Oracle Infinity Data Collection:

  • mParticle Webhook integration with Oracle Infinity is now available.  Once you have an active Infinity account and an active mParticle account, configure an mParticle webhook to post data to the following URL: 
    https://dc.oracleinfinity.io/store/v3/account/<Infinity Account GUID>/mparticle

    Authorization is not needed; leave the related field blank.  Any attributes included in the mParticle data payload are automatically mapped to Infinity parameters with the same name, with the following exceptions:

    mParticle Parameter

    Infinity Parameter

    The mParticle connection is active once saved.  mParticle data will begin data collection, and this data can be used in existing Infinity Analytics reports or new custom reports can be easily created. 

The following Oracle Infinity defects have been resolved:

  • In the Infinity Analytics measure builder, the font isn't clearly visible in the menu to select measure scope (e.g. Events, Sessions, or User scope) in some browsers.  (INF-31317)
  • The Search button in Infinity Analytics is updated to be disabled for reports without dimensions.  Searching reports without any dimensional data caused the report to enter a failed state.  (INF-29370, INF-27838)
  • When searching for report data in Infinity Analytics, white spaces at the beginning and ending of a search string have been trimmed.  (INF-27679)
  • In Infinity Analytics, the segment builder is updated to require the selection of a parameter and filter criteria.  (INF-27533)
  • When creating a calculated measure in Infinity Analytics reports, an issue resulted when trying to use a "Number" in the second part of the expression.  You can now, for example, divide or multiply by a number in calculated measures.  (INF-26510)
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