Oracle Infinity Product Release Notes for October 25, 2019

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancements have been made for Oracle Infinity Analytics:

  • Choose a custom measure on Analytics dashboards.  When viewing the Donut, Horizontal Bar, or Line widget types on your dashboard, hover your cursor next to the measure name and click the down arrow.  Doing so allows you to choose from a list of all measures created in your Infinity Analytics account.  For example, you can change your "Traffic Sources" widget from the Views measure to Conversion Rate or any other measure available in your list.

  • Settings for the Key Metrics widget on dashboards have been moved into a new menu with a vertical ellipses.  Currently, this includes the selection of time intervals in which key metrics are trended over time.  In a future release, this will include the option to remove the widget from the dashboard along with other options. 

  • Settings for the Donut, Horizontal Bar, and Line widgets on dashboards have been moved into a new menu with a vertical ellipses.  This includes the selection of chart type.  Also, for the Horizontal Bar chart type, you'll find the selection for top number of dimensions to display in your widget, and for the Line chart type, you'll find the time interval selection. 

The following Oracle Infinity defects have been resolved:

  • For Infinity Analytics dashboards, pressing Enter when editing the name of a widget refreshes the screen instead of saving the edited name.  (INF-35125)
  • Long dimension names on dashboards span beyond the width of its tab.  (INF-35107)
  • The Cancel and Confirm buttons on dashboards, when editing a widget name, wrap incorrectly on smaller screen resolutions.  (INF-35070)
  • The date range for report exports in Infinity Analytics is incorrect with some time zone offsets and a date range selection of "Today".  (INF-30053)
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