Oracle Infinity Product Release Notes for November 22, 2019

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancements have been made for Oracle Infinity Analytics:

  • Add different styles of widgets to your Infinity Analytics dashboards.  When viewing any dashboard, select the "Add Widget" button in the upper, right corner and select from a variety of data visualization styles (known as widgets).  Note, the Key Metrics and Geography widgets can only be added once to a dashboard canvas, however, the other dimensional widget styles - the Donut, Horizontal Bar, and Line styles - can be added as often as needed. 

  • Move widgets to different positions on your Infinity Analytics dashboards.  By placing your cursor just above any widget on the dashboard, you can drag it to any desired position and the other widgets will responsively shift around the widget being moved.  To move the widget, place your cursor in between the widget's title and the "View Details" link and the cursor will change to a hand, indicating that the widget can be dragged to a new position on the dashboard. 

  • Remove widgets from your Infinity Analytics dashboards.  Each widget has its own settings to the right of the "View Details" link.  Open the settings menu and select "Remove Widget" to eliminate the widgets on the dashboard that are no longer needed. 
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