Oracle Infinity Product Release Notes for December 20, 2019

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancement has been made for Oracle Infinity Data Collection:

  • In Infinity's Account Settings, the configuration of the "View Tag" and "Manage Tag" user rights for data collection can now be found under "Data Collection" instead of "Tag Manager".  No changes have been made to these existing user rights or how they function.  This label change in the UI is in support of upcoming features allowing users to configure tags and data collection through the Infinity UI.

The following enhancements have been made for Oracle Infinity Analytics:

  • The Report Exports feature in Infinity Analytics now allows you to select whether or not to include the "totals" value in exports.  While this functionality has been available for manual configuration in the REST URL, it can now be selected in the UI when choosing to export report data.  In upcoming releases, more manual options will be exposed in the UI to improve report export usability. 

  • Create a custom dashboard in Infinity Analytics.  You can now create an entirely new, custom dashboard onto which you can drag widgets that allow you to visualize the data that is most important to you and your organization.  Once inside a collection, click the "New" button below the collection thumbnail, similar to creating a new report, and select "Dashboard".  A prompt will ask you to give the dashboard a name.  From here, click "Add Widget" and select the type of data visualization you wish to add to your dashboard canvas. 

The following enhancement has been made to Oracle Infinity Streams and Action Center:

  • API enhancements have been implemented in Action Center to support Eloqua's consumption of real-time data through its feeder app. 
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