Oracle Infinity Streams Release Notes for April 10, 2020

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancement has been made to Oracle Infinity Streams and Action Center:

  • The Action Center Responsys REST Connection has been enhanced to provide out-of-the-box destination types for the most commonly used Responsys REST endpoints. This makes integrating those endpoints much more convenient and less error-prone. Aside from the out-of-the-box destination types, there is also a "Freeform" destination type that facilitates calling arbitrary Responsys REST API endpoints with the same flexibility that the previous version of this connection offered.

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 12.00.55 PM.png

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  • Virginia Carcavallo-Oracle
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    Thank you for the update, Julie.

    Could you please clarify where we can find the full documentation on how to configure the destinations now? I do not see in the UI how to send the custom data attributes we use for filtering and campaign personalization, what the format of the payload is - are we moving away from Twig? - where the batching settings would be set? I see the "freeform" option is what we had before and it contains all these settings but does it still trigger the custom event like before? The option to update supplemental table as well as all other triggers would need to be documented as well.