Oracle Infinity Analytics Release Notes for April 24, 2020

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The following enhancements have been made for Oracle Infinity Analytics:

  • Compare trends across multiple date ranges using the Key Metrics widget on Infinity Analytics dashboards.  This new feature allows you to compare how your metrics of interest compare from one time period to the next.  How well is my campaign conversion rate performing this week in comparison to last week?  When the Date Compare mode is added to the Key Metrics widget, the previous, equivalent date range will be trended along side your selected date range.  For example, if your date range selection is for "this week", then "last week" will also be trended, or if you are viewing the most recent 12 days, then the 12 days prior will also be trended.  To remove this comparison view, edit the Key Metrics widget and select "Remove Date Compare". 

    A minor known issue has been identified when comparing longer date ranges and using the "weekly" interval.  For example, when viewing trended data for "last month" without date comparison enabled, you have the option to see the data in daily or weekly buckets.  However, the weekly buckets do not properly align when the Date Compare feature is added.  For now, only the "daily" interval option is available with Date Compare.


  • Remove the out-of-box dashboard from your collection.  When creating a new collection, an out-of-box dashboard is created as a starting point for you to begin visualizing and exploring your data.  You can customize this dashboard and save it as a new dashboard.  Now, it's possible to remove the original, out-of-box dashboard from your collection and keep just your customized version(s).  To do so, simply edit your collection, and in the "Reports and Dashboards" section, remove the check from the box next to the dashboard you want to remove.  Note, if the dashboard is set to the default for your collection, you will need to change the default dashboard to a different dashboard before it can be removed from the collection.  To change the default dashboard, select a different dashboard in the "Dashboards" section while creating or editing your collection. 

The following Oracle Infinity defects have been resolved:

  • The link to "Change Password" in the Profile menu now opens the password management screen in a new, separate browser tab.  (INF-38943)
  • When placing your cursor over the name of a collection on the Analytics home dashboard, the full name will appear in a tool tip.  (INF-38711)
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