Data Cleansing - How to keep a list of contacts out of Eloqua contact database?

Does anyone have a solution for keeping a mass list of contacts out of Eloqua? For example, we have a list of 300K contacts that we have removed from Eloqua. We would like to ensure that they do not return to Eloqua by running them against a CDO list but we have found this is not possible because the CDO list of email addresses is no longer attached to the contacts upon deletion of the contacts.


  • Hello,

    You are correct! Once the contacts are removed from Eloqua, they will lose the record mapping from that CDO.

    In your case, there are a couple of options to consider:

    1. Keep the contacts in Eloqua, but isolate them by adding them to the Master Excludes section (by Shared Filter, Shared List, Security Labels etc.)

    2. Since the contacts were already removed, you could create a Shared Filter to look into a set of quick lists and place that filter in Master Excludes. The quick list limit is theoretically of 5000 characters, but you can input up to around 60000 characters. So, you would end up with an exclusion filter which is looking into a set of quick lists containing your 300k excluded contacts, placed in Master Excludes.

    Of course, by creating that exclusion filter, you could also develop a program to notify you if any of those contacts make it back into the system and manually decide what the next steps would be (delete from Eloqua, suppress email sends etc.)

    Kind regards,

    Constantin Gutic

    Marketing Automation Consultant