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Eloqua Form pop out on landing page? Is this a possibility?

Christina Hall
Christina Hall Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

We are in the midst of redesigning our Eloqua landing pages and considering all options. Is it possible to have an Eloqua form pop out of a landing page, after the customer/prospect provides their email address on the form on the landing page?

As in, they view the landing page, are interested in the content and offer their email, and then a form pops out to ask First Name, Last Name, country, etc.



  • Hello,

    If I understood this correctly, on the Landing Page you will have a form to request the email address and then after the user submits the first form, you want to display another form? If yes, there is a possibility to display that second form using a modal.

    As a best practice, you could also use the Progressive Profiling functionality on the form. Basically, if you already have a bit of information, like the contact`s Email Address, then you could skip displaying that field and only display the next (few) fields which you are interested in capturing, like First Name, Last Name etc.

    If, for example, the contacts would land on that specific page a third time, after filling in their Email Address, First Name, Last Name and you are not looking to capture any other information, then they would have direct access to a specific asset/offer without the need to fill out the form once more - because they already offered the information and you already have it stored in Eloqua.

    Kind Regards,

    Larisa Chirila

    Marketing Automation Coordinator


  • andrepazleal
    andrepazleal Posts: 34 Red Ribbon

    Hi when you are talking about pop up reminds me of a lightbox, using the responsive editor you could inside a button choose to present a lightbox:

    Where inside you could place a form:

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