What filters can be applied to exports of Email Send Activity from Eloqua API?

My team is working on an integration that would pass Eloqua activity data - in this case email sends/opens - to a third party reporting platform. The integration gives the option to select various data activities such as "Email Opens" and then has a section where filter logic can be applied to the export of that activity.

We would like to only pass email open activity for contacts within a specific segment for specific campaigns.

I see this EXISTS('{{ContactSegment[<id>]}}') statement as an example for contact segment filter. Is this correct?

What campaign criteria can be filtered on and are there examples or a dictionary with the field names and syntax for campaign filter statements?


  • Lou Patrick
    Lou Patrick Principal Product Manager, Eloqua APIs & App Developer Framework Portland, ORPosts: 174 Bronze Trophy

    Activity exports can only be filtered on activity fields. You can not filter activity exports on contact segments; however, you can filter by campaign, as it's an activity field. Additionally, you can include up to 10 contact fields in an activity export, which could help to further filter after export.

  • User_N4FJT
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    @Lou Patrick how could we filter the data for a grouping of campaigns? I believe these are the activity fields you are referring to below, correct?

    Is "ContactId": "{{Activity.Contact.Id}}" referring to the User Id of the person that created the campaign?

    We need to pull clickthrough data for only a group of campaigns and their respective campaign members. Is there a way to filter an export using custom campaign fields, who it was created by, or even campaign names that contain a keyword/phrase?

    Any further guidance you could share would be great. Looking at the fields below I'm not seeing anything we could create a filter around that would regularly allow us to pull clickthrough data for a subset of campaigns that meet certain criteria even as new ones are created.Thanks!

      "ActivityId": "{{Activity.Id}}",
      "ActivityType": "{{Activity.Type}}",
      "ActivityDate": "{{Activity.CreatedAt}}",
      "EmailAddress": "{{Activity.Field(EmailAddress)}}",
      "ContactId": "{{Activity.Contact.Id}}",
      "IpAddress": "{{Activity.Field(IpAddress)}}",
      "VisitorId": "{{Activity.Visitor.Id}}",
      "EmailRecipientId": "{{Activity.Field(EmailRecipientId)}}",
      "AssetType": "{{Activity.Asset.Type}}",
      "AssetName": "{{Activity.Asset.Name}}",
      "AssetId": "{{Activity.Asset.Id}}",
      "SubjectLine": "{{Activity.Field(SubjectLine)}}",
      "EmailWebLink": "{{Activity.Field(EmailWebLink)}}",
      "EmailClickedThruLink": "{{Activity.Field(EmailClickedThruLink)}}",
      "VisitorExternalId": "{{Activity.Visitor.ExternalId}}",
      "CampaignId": "{{Activity.Campaign.Id}}",
      "ExternalId": "{{Activity.ExternalId}}",
      "DeploymentId": "{{Activity.Field(EmailDeploymentId)}}",
      "EmailSendType": "{{Activity.Field(EmailSendType)}}"
      "CampaignResponseDate": "{{Activity.CampaignResponse.CreatedAt}}",
      "CampaignResponseMemberStatus": "{{Activity.CampaignResponse.Field(MemberStatus)}}"