How to publish a field value from the Contact to all linked CDO Records?


We have a business use case where we need to publish a Contact field value (Last SFDC Campaign ID) to all linked CDO records within a single CDO. Ex) If [email protected] has 5 linked CDO records in a Custom Object, I need to take the field value that's currently in the field Last SFDC Campaign ID at the Contact Level, and I need to publish it to all 5 CDO records in a CDO field "Last SFDC Campaign ID". How can this be done?


  • Hi Jake,

    I just found your question by chance and wanted to offer an answer, in case you're still dealing with this issue.

    Eloqua's Update Rule is a great data tool to use in a Program Canvas, when you need to copy a value from one field to another. However, Update Rules are either contact or CDO based, so a cross-copying process is not really possible.

    What you can try doing is exporting from the Contact Table the data of the contacts you need to update within the CDO, building with the exported data an Excel file with just two columns - email address and Last SFDC Campaign ID - and uploading this Excel file as a lookup table where the email address is the Lookup Value and the Last SFDC Campaign ID is the Replacement Value. Using this newly configured lookup table, create a CDO based Update Rule that would update the Last SFDC Campaign ID if the field is blank. Finally, use the Update Rule in a CDO based Program Canvas.

    Hope this helps.



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  • JakeDworkis
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    Thank you for this Alexandra! Very helpful. With this approach in mind, the end goal would be reached to publish the Last SFDC Campaign ID to ALL linked records, which is GREAT! However, there is a manual step that's needed, which takes the data our of Eloqua and onto Excel. Meaning it's not fully automated.

    If we're running multiple campaigns at once, each would require this type of work, which makes the scalability piece tough.

    Is there an alternate approach you recommend that keeps everything in Eloqua and avoids the need for external docs like Excel tables?

  • Hi Jake,

    Indeed there's a necessary manual step that's meant to close the gap between contact table data and CDO entries.

    Depending on how your contacts enter the CDO, you may try to stamp them first with the Last SFDC Campaign ID as a static value through a form submit.