REST vs BULK activities - Answer content not matching

Thibaut Huaumé
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Hello Topliners community!

We are currently developping an app to export activities via BULK. While retrieving the values, we found out the subject line wasn't the one send to the contact but still the one from the email containing the technical field merge. See the following:

IS Stand for subject line value:

" Un de vos voisins vend <eloqua type=\"emailfield\" syntax=\"ESTIMES_TypedebienSimilaireMandat_son_sa_Mandat\">ESTIMES_TypedebienSimilaireMandat_son_sa_Mandat</eloqua> <eloqua type=\"emailfield\" syntax=\"ESTIMES_TypedebienSimilaireMandat_Mandat_Y1\">ESTIMES_TypedebienSimilaireMandat_Mandat_Y1</eloqua> chez Reply"

SHOULD Stand for the subject line value:

" Un de vos voisins vend sa maison chez Reply "

On the other side when retrieving the single activities, the subject lines is fulfilled properly.

Why isn't it the case for the BULK calls as well?

Thank you in advance for your support!

Best regards,