How to retrieve forms submission via API, for more than 1000 records?

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So using the REST API, I can retrieve forms submission data for a specific form.

However, there is a max limit of 1000 records using the REST API that Eloqua provides for a form, and we have more submissions now, so we lose the older ones in our reporting.

Looking into the BULK API, I don't see any options regarding forms. I've tried the count, limit, depth, and page parameters but none are helping so far.

Does anyone know what can be done to retrieve more than 1000 rows of form submission data for a specific form, using API? (whether REST or BULK) I don't want to use the Insights automated reporting nor have to manually extract every day.

Thanks so much.


  • Hi Jeremy,

    The limitation with 1000 records is for one request / interrogation. To get all the data you need to add at the end of the HTTP request the following parameter "page=2". Once you add this, the request will bring you the next 1000 records. Depending on how many records you have, you need to add the page number.

    For example, If you have 3790 submissions in the for then you will use the parameter 4 times:

    GET /api/REST/1.0/data/form/5/formData?page=1

    GET /api/REST/1.0/data/form/5/formData?page=2

    GET /api/REST/1.0/data/form/5/formData?page=3

    GET /api/REST/1.0/data/form/5/formData?page=4

    Then you need to put together all those submissions and you have the final file.

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    Larisa Chirila

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    Hi Larisa,

    Thanks for the answer. This absolutely works, but my nitpicky side wanted to have everything in one shot, especially since I have the data displayed in an Excel fetching everything via the API. For other reporting purposes I can easily ask devs to use the pagination but for my Excel, this is harder to automate without maintenance.

    Nevertheless, your method certainly works.

    Thanks for chiming in!

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    Hey @Larisa Chirila - LogDMS.com ,

    Thank you for your help - this has been a major issue for me too lately. It's very unfortunate that there's a limit to pulling the data ... I have 170k total records to pull ... which means I have to pull 170 times - that just isn't practical.

    But - that is all we can do I suppose?? thank you Larisa for your help and kind of putting a full stop on the matter in terms of an answer.

    @jeremy.n let us know how you got on!! and if you had any work around etc then let us know that too.