Oracle Infinity Streams Release Notes for February 26, 2021

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following Oracle Infinity defect has been resolved:

An error in the way user-defined Streams queries were parsed has been fixed. Previously, WHERE clauses in queries with multiple session-level functions, such as ANY and ALL, along with regular expressions, did not function as expected unless those clauses were wrapped in parentheses. For example, this statement would not match as expected:

SELECT * WHERE session.closed='true' AND ANY(data.wt.tx_e='a') AND ANY(data.wt.pn_sku like '*') AND ALL(data.wt.tx_e!='p')

Notice the additional parentheses in the example below.

SELECT * WHERE session.closed='true' AND (ANY(data.wt.tx_e='a') AND ANY(data.wt.pn_sku like '*') AND ALL(data.wt.tx_e!='p') )

These queries will now function properly without the additional parenthetical wrapper.

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