Eloqua Engage - Best Method for a Trial Run?

Hi everyone,

We're looking to implement Eloqua Engage for our Sales team to give them access to marketing emails. We're looking to do a trial run with 2-3 Sales reps first, and are weighing the different options. These options include 1) using the outlook plugin, 2) sending Sales a direct link to access Engage in Eloqua, 3) using templates in SFDC. If the trial run goes well, we may embed Engage into SFDC later on. For now, we are looking for the easiest method for Sales, and one that will take the least time to implement. Which method would you recommend we use, and what are the pros and cons of each? I'm open to hearing other methods that I haven't listed above.

Thank you!



  • Hi, have your consulted the Sales org on what they'd prefer? To increase the likelihood of usage, consider getting the tools as close to the Sales team day to day as you can. If you just want quick feedback on using the templates, providing the direct link is the least involved method of testing. But, if you want the trial users to provide real feedback, your pilot should use the access method you expect to implement.

    Things to consider for your pilot:

    • Email group setup and asset permissions for the Sales org - remember that email templates are shared with sales using the Email Group. So consider setting up exclusive email groups for this.
    • Do you want Sales to be able to create new contacts? Make sure they have the right permissions.
    • Review all the Engage settings and what they mean to your pilot. For example, ability to search contacts, send personal emails vs templated emails only. Remember, most of these settings don't apply to Outlook, so if you want a lot of governance, consider direct or CRM embed access methods only.
    • Reporting - how will you report on the usage and success for the pilot? Consider Insight reporting and measuring success.

    Good luck!