Salesforce Integration App - Create Lead Action - not updating SFDC Lead ID

Hi all,

has anyone experienced issues with the Create Lead Action not updating back the SFDC Lead ID in Eloqua, after successfully creating a Lead in Salesforce?

As you can see the return ID is mapped correctly, and the SFDC Lead ID field's update logic is "Always Update".

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!




  • aappll
    aappll Posts: 41 Red Ribbon

    Hi Alexander I think that what updates the lead it's not the create lead action but the import (the old auto synch).

  • Hi Andre,

    thanks for the reply,

    actually I just had a chat with Support, and they confirmed that when manually running the Create Lead action, the Lead ID of the newly created Lead in SF is not saved back to the Eloqua record,

    ...this of course is not the case with the native integration external calls,

    however if you trigger the same Action through a program or a campaign, it works!

    this is due to some different API processes running in the backend,

    so they say this is by design and it's not a bug,

    basically testing Actions takes more time now...

    anyways, it is what it is :)