Where do i find data from a campaign regarding where someone dropped out

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I am new to Eloqua and have created a campaign flow that I am trying to better evaluate success. I can find high level dashboards or click throughs and bounce rates but is there a way to pull a list that dropped out after a specific email? o



  • Hi,

    You can try having an overview of the contacts who dropped at a certain point in an email campaign by adding on the canvas an engagement filter after each email in your flow. With the help of such a filter you can check who opened or clicked a certain email and who didn't. Route those contacts who didn't engage with your content towards a static list where you can keep them as long as you need and then towards an exit step if you want to remove them from the campaign, while moving the engaged contacts further into the flow.

    Or if by drop out you mean unsubscribe, you can run an email analysis overview in the Eloqua's Insight section to check this metric.



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