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How does the 'Make this field required' setting work on Eloqua contact fields? If checked does that mean that the field marked as required on a system level won't allow Eloqua to create a contact if that field is not filled out i.e. through uploads/form submits/manual creation or SFDC sync? I tested this function in a sandbox environment and the Eloqua contact gets created even if a contact field is marked as required but left blank. If that's the case, what's the purpose of this setting and how does it actually work?

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  • Ken Lague
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    Hi Edina, I came across this thread and agree, it's curious. You're right - not working for text fields. I could get it to work (somewhat) for Picklist values.

    Instead I would set the validation on your inbound connections (CRM, forms, etc.) to make sure you are collecting the field values you need.

    Even if you could get this to work, there is no provision in Eloqua to report on failures, so you would be left guessing if any contacts were missed because the required field prevented it from saving.