Dynamic lead scoring linked to a time based deprecation

I was recently informed that we can achieve a dynamic lead scoring model through eloqua. What this means for our organisation is that a lead would show a certain amount of engagement, then a lead object is created in salesforce for our sales team to go after. Then the lead after not being able to be contacted would move to a "dead status" by our sales team. After this 'dead' assigment if the lead showed enough activity we could have eloqua change the status back to a "hot/new" status if the lead again showed enough interest. I was informed breifly this would be around having a time constriction around our lead scoring model but can find no setting relevant to timing.

Does anyone have exprience with this kind of model that they would be able to shed light on it?

Does anyone knoe where to find the settings for a time based lead scoring model


  • jessenobbe
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    Hi Patrick,

    Lead scores are calculated for all records at least once per day. If a record's profile or engagement is updated then it is re-scored almost immediately afterword. I think this is what people are referring to as there is no specific time setting related to the module.

    The way I would approach your use case would be to use a Program Canvas with a listener that looks for changes to your model. Once in the program you can filter records by their scores and make the appropriate decisions. You could build this directly into your outbound integration program or as a separate program that feeds into the outbound program.