Oracle Infinity IQ Release Notes for July 27, 2021

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The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity Streams and Actions:

  • New behaviors are available to help you quickly configure an action.  These behaviors are friendly expressions of behavioral conditions you want to listen for in real-time and they can be used in your action rules for triggering data to a destination.  Some of these new behaviors include, Click advertisement, Add product to wishlist, View order status, View search results, Sign in, and more. View the "Standard behaviors" help guide to see the full list.   
  • New scenarios have been added to help you quickly build your action rules.  These scenarios provide a starting point for defining a series of behaviors in your action.  Search Abandonment and Wishlist Engagement scenarios have been added.  View the "Standard scenarios" help guide for the full list.
  • New standard parameters are available for ease-of-use in your analytics reports or actions.  Ad Clicked, Ad Viewed, and Shopping Cart ID have been added.  Click the "Standard parameters" help guide to view the full list.
  • It is now possible to delete connections and destinations that you have previously created and no longer need.  
  • A warning now appears when you want to disable a connection or destination, so that you're well informed of the potential impact to actions that may be dependent on the connection or destination you want to disable.
  • New help guides are available for the Connections feature.  Learn how to editenabledisable, and delete connections and destinations.  

The following Oracle Infinity defects have been resolved:

  • When configuring a connection to a Responsys Supplemental table, only the first 200 tables names were returned to the list for selection.  This has been resolved and now all Supplemental tables are available in the list when configuring your connection. (INF-49433)
  • Changing the destination from Trigger Custom Event to Supplemental table or vice versa for Responsys connections, caused the UI to not fully load or show the correct information in some cases.  (INF-49006, INF-48536)
  • The list of connections is now sorted alphabetically.  (INF-46730)
  • An issue was resolved where the confirmation message for editing a connection did not always disappear.  (INF-46676)

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