Oracle Infinity Streams Release Notes for August 27, 2021

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The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity Streams and Actions:

  • View who created and modified a connection.  In the connections feature, click any connection name to view its details, and along the left side panel, you can now view the user name of the person who created and last modified the connection along with date and time.
  • Quick links have been added to the branding bar across the top of Oracle Infinity applications to help you navigate to Help and Home.  Click the question mark icon to easily access Help.  Also, you can click the Oracle Infinity logo to quickly navigate back to Home.  Alternatively, you can navigate to Help or Home by clicking the hamburger icon and opening the navigation menu.
  • The help guide for Creating an action has been updated to include two new helpful tips.  When mapping fields in an action from Oracle Infinity to Oracle Responsys Trigger Custom Event destinations, the help guide provides details about the fields required by Oracle Responsys.  Additionally, the guide has been updated to advise you of what to do when you do not see parameters you wish to use in your action rules or in your field mapping.  

The following Oracle Infinity defects have been resolved:

  • In the connections feature, changing the name of a destination did not save properly.  An update now saves the destination name you enter.  (INF-50123)
  • A minor styling enhancements has been implemented for the Client ID field in Maxymiser connections.  (INF-49300)
  • In actions, the Developer Mode code editor was not loading properly in Safari browsers.  (INF-47725)
  • When using Developer Mode in the actions feature, the code editor does not populate as expected when selecting "Custom Scenario" from the Scenario drop-down list.  This is resolved. 

The following issue is known:

  • An issue has been identified when using Safari browsers.  Oracle Identify Cloud Service currently does not support the latest Safari browsers, which affects signing into Oracle Infinity.  It is currently not possible to sign into Oracle Infinity using Safari browsers.  This is being investigated.  In the meantime, please use Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge browsers to sign in.  Learn more about Oracle Identity Cloud Service known issues.  

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